The following information is intended to inform you about the Learning Zone and how you access the training material on the site.

What is the Learning Zone?

The Learning Zone was set up by the South East Region Fire and Rescue Services as part of their eLearning strategy. The site has since expanded and is available to Services that are part of the Ways of Working project.

The Learning Zone is similar to a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that is used in Schools, Colleges, Universities and Workplaces. The current system uses the globally recognised Moodle platform, teachers can create courses for their students, who can access training material in their workplace, or remotely if required.

The Learning Zone can be accessed by learners that have internet access, making the platform portable and accessible to most staff.

Course Content

A number of Fire and Rescue Services participating in the Ways of Working programme have developed courses for their own Service, which can be accessed by clicking on the link below. Some courses are open to ‘guest’ access, such as the Dementia package. Other courses are targeted at specific groups, such as Firefighters in Development or specialist roles, these courses are likely to be ‘locked’ by the course creator and you will need to contact them directly if you require access to their courses.

The Learning Zone link – click here

Logging in

Please do not use the Log in box on this webpage, this is reserved for site administrators.

Staff and Learners should use the Learning Zone link and use either ‘register’ as a new learner or if you are already registered with the site,’ log in’.

Only Services that form part of the South East Region and the Ways of Working project have authorised email accounts that will allow them to register on the site.

The Learning Zone link – click here

Learn more

You can learn more about Moodle by visiting their site at